Travel to Gotland

Hotel Slottsbacken gives you tips how to get here

Travel to Gotland by boat

Ferries take on board between 145 and 500 cars per trip, so either bring your own car or you can rent a car in Visby, there are a dozen car hire year round. Departures are every day (except Christmas Eve and New Years Day) from Nynäshamn 6 mil south of Stockholm and Oskarshamn 32 mil north of Gothenburg.

On board the ferries, there are simple restaurants, shops, children’s play room and seating in either deck chairs (as the flight only better comfort), at the café table or in a compartment that can also be booked individually, however they have no beds.

Travel to Gotland by plane

If you are flying to the island, you can choose two different regular airlines, Braflyg or SAS. You can fly from / to Bromma, Arlanda, Gothenburg and Malmö. Flight time is 35-45 minutes and there are several daily departures year-round. Visby Airport (VBY) has no regular service but with a taxi it takes only 5 minutes in to the city!

Summer time you fly to (or from) Gotland from a variety of exciting destinations!

Please let us know if you would like ta have pre-booked taxi to pick you up at the airport, and we will help you with the service, just have your ready.

Bon Voyage!

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